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God doesn't budge -- he doesn't change things right now -- because he's giving us what we asked for: a world where we get to treat him as though he is absent and unnecessary. Remember the story of Adam and Eve? They ate the "forbidden fruit. For Adam and Eve sort of hoped that they could become like God, without God. They consumed the notion that there was something more valuable in existence than God himself, something more valuable than having a personal relationship with God.

And this world system -- with all of its faults -- came as a result of the choice they made. Their story is the story of all of us, isn't it? Who hasn't said -- if not audibly at least in their hearts -- God, I think I can do this without you. I'll just go this one alone. But thanks for the offer. Why do we do that?

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Probably because we've all bought the notion that there's something more valuable, more important, than God. For different people it's different things, but the mindset is the same: God isn't what's most important in life. In fact, I'd just as soon do it without him altogether.

  1. We've all tried to make life work without God.!
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He allows it. Many people experience the painful results of others' or their own choices that run contrary to God's ways All of these can be explained by people who have refused to give God access and influence over their lives. They are going about their lives as they see fit, and they and others suffer. He's not smug. In fact, God could rightly be viewed as leaning forward, compassionate, hoping we will turn to him so that he can bring real life to us.

Why Is Life So Hard?

Jesus said, "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Jesus commented on this when he said: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. Again, Jesus brings the issue back to our relationship with him.

He who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. What about those horrible circumstances that hit us in life, caused by someone other than ourselves? When we are feeling victimized, it's useful to realize that God himself endured horrendous treatment from others.

God more than understands what you are going through. There is nothing in life that could be more painful than what Jesus endured on our behalf, when he was deserted by his friends, ridiculed by those who would not believe in him, beaten and tortured before his crucifixion, then nailed to a cross, in shameful public display, dying of slow suffocation. He created us, yet allowed humanity the freedom to do this, to fulfill Scripture and to set us free from our sin.

This was no surprise to Jesus. He was aware of what was coming, foreknowing all the details, all the pain, all the humiliation. Imagine knowing something that awful was going to happen to you. The Christian Broadcasting Network is producing a new Superbook series and has released 4 seasons. Somehow, Gizmo transforms the toy into a real-life robot that can walk and talk for the duration of the adventure, although he still needs to be wound up regularly.

In the first episode, Chris and Joy were cleaning the attic for Chris's father, a somewhat eccentric college professor, when they noticed an old book glowing. The children tried to open the book, but were unable to open it, no matter how hard they pulled. The book promptly opened on its own, shining a blinding light around Chris's bedroom, and started to speak before whisking the children and Gizmo back in time to the Garden of Eden to experience the story of Adam and Eve. In Superbook II Pasokon Travel Tanteidan , which took place two years after the first series, the book fell onto a computer keyboard, giving anybody the ability to see into the past from Christopher's home via the monitor.

Ruffles, his poodle, has managed to get lost in time, which prompted Gizmo and Christopher's little brother rewritten as his cousin in the English dub named Uriah "Uri" Peepers Yuu Asuka in Japanese to search for her. Chris and Joy kept watch and control of the computer from the present.

The older children also had a hard time trying to prevent what happened a secret from Chris's parents. In this series, Gizmo appeared as a fully fledged functioning robot in the present day rather than as a toy in the second series but still needed to be wound up regularly. Gizmo also has a built-in computer keyboard and a monitor in his chest for Gizmo and Uri to stay in contact with Chris and Joy in the present day as well as transporting to other places in time or returning to the present. The first series of Superbook featured stories chiefly from the Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament , although a few episodes dealt with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the final episode was about the conversion of Paul of Tarsus.

The episodes in the first series are chiefly unique stories, with no overarching "plot" aside from Chris and Joy learning life lessons from their travels in the Superbook. However, some condensation or editing of stories was necessary to fit them into half-hour episodes and make them suitable for young viewers. Also, some additional edits were necessary for the English versions to make the episodes conform to American broadcast standards. The episodes in Season Two focused solely on Old Testament stories.

Season Two covered some stories featured in Season One for example, the stories of Abraham , Joseph and King David in more detail, while also covering some stories not included in the first series i. Likewise The Flying House , which originally aired in Japan between the two Superbook series, was a more in-depth look at the life of Jesus and other events from the Christian Scriptures New Testament. Additionally, unlike season 1 and by extension the aforementioned Flying House series , the interaction between the modern day characters and the Biblical characters in season 2 is minimal; each episode is mostly a straightforward adaptation of the Biblical stories shown, occurring while Uri and Gizmo are searching for Ruffles.

Set in the 23rd century AD, a boy named Chris, who always has problems, travels with his friends Joy and Gizmo who travel with Superbook to the Biblical times from the Old testament and New testament. When Chris starts to believe that a magician called Miraculo the "Miracle Maker" actually has real powers given by God, he, Joy, and Gizmo are teleported to the time where baby Jesus has grown up and is performing miracles so that the world will know he is the Savior and the Messiah.

The kids witness Jesus healing a paralyzed man , Jesus teaching parables to other people , Jesus calming the storm , and Jesus casting demons out of a possessed man. Chris then understands that true miracles only come from the Lord. When Chris starts hanging out with his cool friends and ignoring the less cool Joy, he and Joy and Gizmo are taken to the time when Jesus was about to be put to death on the cross. They witness the last supper between Jesus and his disciples and Judas 's betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

Chris returns home and then learns that Joy is just as awesome as his cool friends. When Chris begins arguing with his mom Phoebe over visiting his relatives, he, Joy, Gizmo, and, surprisingly, Phoebe are taken to the time Jesus is killed and resurrected. They witness Jesus praying at the garden of Gethsemane , Judas betraying Jesus, Jesus taken to Pilate , Jesus is crucified on the cross and Jesus rising from the dead. They stay just in time to see that Jesus has conquered the grave and appeared to Mary Magdalene.

We've all tried to make life work without God.

Later, Chris returns home and apologizes to his mother and their relationship is restored while his mom has no memory of the travel in time. The entire series was available over 26 VHS Volumes. Superbook was released for the first time on DVD late to early From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This section does not follow Wikipedia's guidelines on the use of different tenses. Please consider copy editing to past tense if historic, present tense if not time-based e.

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Please be sure that the supposed source of the copyright violation is not itself a Wikipedia mirror. September Christian Broadcasting Network. Joseph — The son of Jacob. Mary — Mary — The sister of Martha. He appears in "Jesus Feeds the Hungry". Astrologers — He appears in "The Fiery Furnace! Darius' Advisers — He appears in "Roar!

Fortune Teller — He appears in "Paul and Silas". Giants — He appears in "Joshua and Caleb". Jailer — He appears in "Paul and Silas". Job's Wife — He appears in "Job". King of Nineveh — He appears in "Jonah". Magicians and Astrologers — He appears in "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream". Moneychangers — He appears in "The Last Supper". Pharaoh — The Exodus. Pharaoh — The superior of Joseph. Roman Guards — He appears in "Peter's Escape". Samaritans — He appears in "The Good Samaritan".

Scribe — He appears in "The Good Samaritan". Servant Girl — He appears in "Peter's Denial". Shepherds — He appears in "The First Christmas". Syrian King — He appears in "Elisha and the Syrians". Widow — He appears in "Elijah and the Widow". Women — He appears in "King Solomon".

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of the first DVD volume. Anime television series. NA Christian Broadcasting Network. Anime and Manga portal. CBN United States. This is the first episode of Superbook. Chris and Joy discover a book that takes them back in time particularly during Biblical times. This is the story about Creation and how Adam and Eve were sent out from the Garden of Eden by God after Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the Serpent and convinced Adam to do the same.

It tells the story of how Cain murdered his brother Abel after God found more favor in the latter's offering. It tells the story of Noah building the ark ; the flood that killed everyone except Noah's family and the animals in the ark; and God's promise of not destroying the world with a flood once again via the rainbow.

It tells the story of how God made Abraham the father of all nations and that his descendants the nation of Israel would one day take possession of the land of Canaan and bring blessing to all nations on earth; the promise of God of giving him a son ; and how he passes the test of faith given to him by God. It tells the story of how Abraham's servant found Rebekah in the town of Haran to become Isaac's wife. It tells the story of how Jacob deceived his father Isaac to be able to steal his twin brother Esau 's rightful blessings with the help of his mother, Rebekah. It tells the story of how Joseph, the vizier of Egypt , was reunited with his brothers who had sold him into slavery and his father, Jacob.

It tells the story of Moses , the Ten Plagues , and the exodus of the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt. It tells the story of Joshua the new leader of the Israelites and the fall of Jericho and the conquest of Canaan.

Matthew 8:12 and the Outer Darkness

It tells the story of Gideon and how he led his people to victory using pots as weapons of war with the help of God. It tells the story of Samson's birth , the story of his betrayal by Delilah and how he regains his strength to fulfil one last mission by God.

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  2. Is the Bible True . . . Really?: A Dialogue on Skepticism, Evidence, and Truth (The Coffee House Chronicles);
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The birth of Jesus. It narrates numerous events in Jesus' life such as: The finding of the lost year-old Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem ; The baptism of Jesus by John The Baptist ; The wedding at Cana ; The healing of the paralytic in the bed ; The Sermon at the Mount ; The multiplication of the loaves ; and Jesus walks on the water and helps Peter to do the same.

The death and resurrection of Jesus. It tells the story of how Ruth became the wife of Boaz ; and her mother Naomi. It tells the story of how Satan challenges Job about his character, integrity and faith in God. It tells the story of how Jonah was swallowed by a whale after trying to avoid God's order of preaching repentance to the people of Nineveh. It tells the story of the prophet Samuel and his anointing of Israel's first king, Saul. It tells the story of David. It includes the killing of Goliath ; his anointment as the next King of Israel by Samuel; his friendship with Jonathan ; and how he eludes King Saul's attempts on his life.

It tells the story of how Solomon is anointed as the next King of Israel; how God granted him great wisdom ; the building of the temple where the Ark of the Covenant was placed; and the meeting between him and the Queen of Sheba. It tells the story of how Elijah was challenged to prove God's existence over the existence of Baal by setting fire to stone.

It tells the story of how Elisha helped cure General Naaman of Syria and how he helped the Israelites win the war against the Syrians. It tells the story of how Daniel escapes death after being placed in the lion's den by King Darius. It tells the story of how Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the purification of the Israelite people. Kazuo Yamazaki. It tells the story of Queen Esther and how she stood up for her people as well as her adopted father cousin Mordecai.

It tells the story of the conversion of Saul into becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and his rise as the Apostle Paul. The series premiere wherein Ruffles gets sucked into the newly "computerized" Superbook. Uri and Gizmo start their search by going back into Ancient times. God tells Abram, who was later renamed as Abraham, that he is going to become the "father of many nations, but his numerous descendants would become a great, special, and powerful nation that would take possession of Canaan and would bless all the nations of the world.

Abraham is praised by Melchizedek , the king of Salem, but does not take anything from Bera , the king of Sodom. However, the Lord promises to spare Abraham's nephew Lot , who is still living in the wicked city of Sodom.


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During the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters escape from Sodom. Lot's wife dies by being turned into a pillar of salt after looking back while Sodom is being destroyed. Three travelers two of them angels while another God Himself visit Abraham and Sarah that tell them that they are going to have a son and they are going to name him Isaac. But upon seeing his faith, God stops him and gives him a ram to do otherwise.

God then tells Abraham that his descendants will become too numerous to count, they will be set apart to God, they will become a great and powerful nation, they will be enslaved and oppressed in a foreign land but freed by God, they will take possession of Canaan and the cities of their enemies, the Savior of the world will come from them, and all the nations of the world will be blessed by them. Abraham tells his servant to find a wife for Isaac in Haran. At that place, the servant finds Rebekah. Later, Isaac and Rebekah fall in love upon seeing each other and get married.

The story of Jacob and his twelve sons particularly Joseph, who happens to be his father's favorite. Also, it narrates how Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave in Egypt. The story of the rise of Joseph as he becomes vizier of Egypt from being a slave. Also, it narrates how Joseph was put into prison and how he interpreted dreams for his fellow prisoners and the Pharaoh. Key verse: Luke Disabling the Disobey Ray An Ambushed by the Ambassador of Stopping the Sultan of Wait—who is that shadowy character in the waiting room? Key verse: John 2. But when some students start mocking her, she pours out a blizzard of words that totally intimidate everybody around her.

Wait, why is the Bibleteam getting an alarm just because a young girl stands up to some bullies? Is there more here than meets the eye? Bible story: Ananias and Sapphira. Key verse: John 3. Except money. They just LOVE money, and they have hatched a plan to get rich by uncovering a secret treasure: the location of the Bibleteam headquarters.

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