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We did a search for other books with a similar title, and found some results for you that may be helpful. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Foreword by Robert Benson A mystical classic now easier to understand This spiritual classic has been an enigma for centuries. Notoriously difficult to understand, this contemporary English translation ushers you into the way of knowing God that can be dark at times, and luminous at others. It offers an accessible invitation to enter into God's presence through a "cloud of unknowing.

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Each brief chapter offers a way to enter into the life of prayer and appeals to the reader's common sense as you take steps on the path to knowing a God beyond all knowing. A foreword by bestselling author, Robert Benson, special to this edition, will help you to savor the meaning of this unique little book. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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Ultimately, however, the Holy Spirit is the master of prayer and wants to be your guide. The following eight exercises are offered as a means to place yourself in the school of the Spirit.

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They target particularly those challenging areas that thwart the progress of people who pray. They are labeled steps precisely because they build on one another. You may find them most helpful if you take each step in order, although you certainly may use them in any order you feel drawn. For some of the steps you will need a pen, paper and bible, as indicated. If you feel you would be nourished by more time on some point or another of the prayer exercise I invite you to pause the recording and give yourself and the Spirit all the time you desire.

It would be preferable to not finish the prayer guide, than to rush through it. Without any pause the prayer guides are a total of 25 minutes.

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The essential text of the prayer guides are reproduced below for your convenience. For this prayer you will need a bible. Possible readings for the first part of prayer could be:. In a holy sanctuary or quiet spot, take some moments to focus yourself.

By now you may have a favorite short prayer, or you may wish to use one of the following:. For a short while let go of your thoughts, your attempts to understand, plan, or analyze. Immerse yourself in a mystery larger than yourself. Talk to God about the strongest emotions you are feeling right now or the situations in your life that are challenging you or blessing you the most. Ask the Spirit to shed light on your mind, will and heart so that you will begin to more and more think, speak, act, and love like Jesus.

Read a passage from Scripture. Listen to what is being said to you in your heart as you read. In his word, God speaks directly to us, now, regarding what we most need to hear and receive at each moment. Read the passage three times with a quiet pause in between each time. In the stillness do not think about the reading, apply it, develop it. Just be still. If it helps you, root yourself in your breath to stay in the present moment.

Choose a phrase of the passage that resonates with you in some way: either it challenges you, confirms you or comforts you. Repeat the phrase quietly allowing it to water your spirit as the gentle spring rain.

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Or else imagine yourself in the scene of the Scripture passage and speak directly to Jesus about what you notice about him, the way he acts, or speaks, or his attitudes. Speak directly to him about what you notice and desire. Take a few moments to read the book of your life. Where is there tension? Where is there lightness? Where is there clarity? Where is their frustration? Is there a relationship that is troubling you? Or one that you find especially fulfilling? With what spirit are you approaching your work and responsibilities?

Where is God present to you most in your life? Read the passage from the Scriptures again, offering these experiences and realities to Jesus.

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Listen for the way the Word of God speaks to your life situations. Speak to Jesus about your life. Tell him what you desire. Now gather up a word or a phrase from your reading, a word that embodies the experience of your prayer. Say it quietly to yourself and then settle into the silence. When your mind begins to wander repeat the word. Gently bring your thoughts back to your prayer.

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  4. You can become aware of your breathing if it helps to root you in this present moment where you need to do nothing else but be present. Here God is giving himself to you with tenderness and trust. Allow it to arise within you as a fountain.

    Here you and Jesus are one. He has united himself with you forever when he became man.



    He invites you to share in his divinity. You are invited to a fusion of heart, will and mentality with Jesus. In fact, it is Jesus who lives in my mind. I loan him my mind, but it is he who think in me. I loan him my heart, but it is he who loves in me and with me. I loan him my will because I want what he wants in me. And I not only loan these to him, but it is Jesus who lives in me. He lives in me; he loves in me; he wills in me; he works in me.

    Now you are invited to a still contemplative silence. Be fully aware that God has gazed upon you first. Allow him to look upon you with love. Allow yourself to be seen. In true silence, the humble heart has nothing to say for itself.