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William Shakespeare ,.

Julius Caesar

Barbara A. Mowat Editor. Paul Werstine Editor. Julius Caesar Mass Market Paperback. David Daniell Editor.

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Published August 5th by Classics Illustrated Comics. Stephen Orgel Editor. Braunmuller Editor.

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William Montgomery Editor. Julius Caesar Audio. Published August 1st by Washington Square Press. Julius Caesar Wordsworth Collection. Arthur Humphreys Editor.


Bevington self-identified as both a Democrat and "lapsed Episcopalian. He notably also took public transportation whenever he traveled from his Hyde Park home to downtown Chicago. Bevington was left-handed and a concert violist , and he often performed in various ensembles, including a quartet involving faculty and students from the university. He enjoyed chamber music and opera, and owned a restored pre- World War I Steinway grand piano.

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The Bevingtons celebrated their sixtieth "Diamond Jubilee" wedding anniversary on June 4, , at a reception organized by the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts and the program for Theatre and Performance Studies, of which Bevington was formerly the faculty chair. He died on 2 August at the age of Bevington's extensive bibliography as an editor comprised mainly the Shakespeare canon and a complete Jonson. The bulk of his work was with David Scott Kastan in the volume Bantam series, which was originally published in and was reissued in , and his own complete Shakespeare, which is continually reissued.

However, Bevington worked on a handful of plays for other publishers, though nearly all are within the scope of the English Renaissance. Bevington notably maintained a single, conflated text in all of his editions of King Lear , a revisionist choice criticized by some scholars including the abovementioned Richard Strier, who insists his own students read the Quarto and Folio texts separately.

The Bantam Classics series, self-touted as "The most student-friendly Shakespeare on the market," is different from, for instance, Bevington's Oxford and Arden editions of Henry IV and Troilus and Cressida respectively in not so much scholarship, but intended audience. A high-school student finds Bantam straightforward, on the whole, because its glossary explains all words that might be obscure or different in meaning from their present use.

The latter two, however, assume an audience already somewhat versed in the idiomatic dialect of Elizabethan England.

Bantam Classics: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (1988, Paperback)

In addition to the many individual volumes listed below, there have been collected anthologies of Shakespeare plays. A few of these Bantam anthologies contain plays that are unavailable from Bantam in their solo form. The anthologies are as follows:. Furthermore, Bantam has published Bevington's edition of Shakespeare's sonnets and other poetry. The Longman complete Shakespeare is unique because, unlike the Oxford, Riverside, Norton, or Arden and the less impressive Pelican , it is edited by a single scholar. It furthermore contains certain obscure plays, such as The Two Noble Kinsmen , that the Bantam series simply could not market.

Its poetry selection is moreover wider than that of the Bantam series, containing the substantial work outside the sonnets.

Bestselling Series

Although two separate entities, both series are published by Manchester University Press. David Bevington was a general editor of the Revels Plays. The Sourcebooks Shakespeare is a series that includes an audio CD to enrich the otherwise purely textual experience. The CD contains more than 60 minutes of audio narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi and includes version of key speeches from historical and contemporary productions.

They are published by Sourcebooks, and Bevington served as advisory editor for the series.

Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar summary

David Bevington's work as editor of drama included several individual plays and anthologies not tied to any larger series. In addition to its compelling insights into the human condition, Julius Caesar is also superb drama, as Brutus, Cassius, and the other conspirators hatch a plot to overthrow Caesar, dictator of Rome. After Caesar is assassinated, Mark Antony cleverly turns the crowd against the conspirators in one of the most famous speeches in literature.

In the civil war that follows, the forces of Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar eventually win out over the armies of Cassius and Brutus.