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Golden boys. Roberts … [et al. To be a star you need to rouse the senses, but to be a siren you must touch the heart. The intensity of human beauty concentrated in the most famous female sex symbols of the twentieth century is matched by their vulnerability, their daring and their sheer courage. Cash wrote the album s 11 original songs with her longtime collaborator and husband John Leventhal, who also served as producer, arranger and guitarist.

The album richly evokes the Southern landscape physical, musical, emotional and examines the indelible impressions it has made on our own collective culture and on Cash. While Cash and Leventhal found inspiration in the many musical styles associated with the South swampy Delta blues, gospel, Appalachian folk, country and rock, to name a few this is a completely contemporary collection. Featuring musicians who have backed him on many of his most acclaimed albums, as well as the current live shows widely hailed as the best of his career Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Joey Waronker, Smokey Hormel, Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Cairo affair Wow, this one sounds exciting! Espinonage, romance, drama, set in Egypt. With the CIA, assassinations, secrets and love affirs. And then it starts to get complicated. Purgatory Rosetta Allan is an Auckland based writer, who has already published two books of poetry. This is her first work of fiction and it is a ghost story of sorts. They are all stuck there to watch life unfold around them, including the life of their murderer James Stack.

The story is based on the gruesome true crime that occured in Otahuhu in I think it sounds great! This is also his first work of fiction. D Salinger. The success of that film led to the unexpectedly baroque The Chronicles of Riddick , which greatly expanded the scope, but to somewhat diminished effect. Quickly dispensing with the ornate mythology of the last installment respect to Karl Urban for returning, however briefly , the story finds Riddick left for dead, on a planet where absolutely everything wants to eat him. As he begins his quest to dominate the local flora and fauna, matters are complicated by the appearance of two teams of bounty hunters including Katee Sackhoff and the gargantuan Dave Bautista searching for his chromed dome.

Twohy keeps things mean and reasonably lean throughout, giving the squabbling mercenaries some enjoyably hissable personality traits while hurtling toward an intense siege finale. But due to a loophole in his civil service contract, he must serve out a 3-month notice period. His captain banishes him to Hellfjord a tiny fishing community in the far north of Norway. On arrival, things just go from bad to worse for Salmander. Hellfjord is populated by simple-minded people with an average age of 67, only interested in keeping to themselves.

But when Salmander scratches the surface, he discovers a secret that will turn Hellfjord upside down.

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Maybe even inside out. While still able to project her aristocratic bearing, Jasmine is emotionally precarious and lacks any practical ability to support herself. Flicker Michael Stuhlbarg. Feeling that her sister might be right about her poor taste in men, Ginger starts seeing Al Louis C. Jasmine sees a potential lifeline when she meets Dwight Peter Sarsgaard , a diplomat who is quickly smitten with her beauty, sophistication and style.

Best Quotations from Macbeth

Delicately portrayed by a regal Cate Blanchett, Jasmine earns our compassion because she is the unwitting instrument of her own downfall. Salinger, the reclusive author of The Catcher in the Rye. This lavish book explores the lives of every important member of the Downton estate. Focusing on each character individually, it examines their motivations, their actions and the inspirations behind them. An evocative source of story and background, it will take you even deeper into the secret, beating heart of the house. New books on popular music this month include the joyous looking book of rock music and fashion by the designer John Varvatos, and the biography of infamous punk legend Sid Vicious.

Yet within two years they completely changed the face of popular music with a decadent glamour and street-level vibe that threatend to undermine all that had come before. And Bowie lifted elements from both Iggy and Reed to create his gender-bending rock idol Ziggy Stardust. Written with the full co-operation of his late mother, the book charts Sids story from his childhood to his final fix in New York, detailing his life before, during and after the Sex Pistols. The book also reveals, for the first time, what really happened in Sid and Nancys Chelsea Hotel room in the early hours of October 12th , when Nancy was found dead from a stab wound and Vicious arrested for murder.

Adult Fiction

Complete with a discography, press cuttings and many rare photographs, Vicious: To Fast To Live is the definitive and authorised biography of a true 20th century icon. The album was recorded in Jamaica, Montreal and New York. Renowned as being one of the best live acts around, Arcade Fire were one of the headline act at the Big Day Out in Foreverly is an unforgettable collection inspired by Songs Our Daddy Taught Us , an album of traditional Americana songs reinterpreted, recorded and released by The Everly Brothers in The recording process for the album began in and continued until October Here are our latest classical music books and CDs — featuring the correspondance of Leonard Bernstein, as well as performances of works by composers Vaughan Williams and Richard Strauss.

This talent is very much on display in this volume. Symphony No. The Berlin Philharmonic, as always, play to an exceptionally high standard under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel a young conductor proving he is growing exponentially in his abilities. This popular piece is moody, atmospheric, and rich — well worth a listen. I spend a lot of time reading about, and choosing, lovely new fiction for you to enjoy. And they are on the catalogue, available to reserve. Dry Bones This was recommended by our head cataloguer, who only reads the best, most intelligent, literary fiction.

The soldiers uncover a secret and have to deal with the consequences and the developing world of Cold War espionage. Huia Publishing has joined our ebook supplier Overdrive. The main protagonist is a 12 year old boy who admires and befriends Soviet soldiers who guard nearby Japanese POWs. A drama set across 24 hours in New York City, the film sees Pattinson as Eric, a rich asset manager on a trip across Manhattan in a luxury limousine. Cronenberg wrote the script as well as directing here, and Cosmopolis is a challenging, slow film, that treats its audience with intelligence.

Pattinson works hard in the lead role, with considerable success, and the supporting players, including Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton are excellent, too. He even captivated the good graces of the meanest and richest old lady of them all, Marjorie Nugent Shirley MacLaine , eventually becoming her business manager and constant companion. That synopsis hardly seems the stuff of a lighthearted comedy that energizes a large ensemble of endearing characters.

They are two teenagers who after one too many drinks, some deceptive party lighting and an available bedroom find they have one very big complication on their hands. Laura is pregnant. Prior to this, the extent of his responsibilities was doing his homework and managing his pocket money. The Sapphires grasp the opporturnity of a lifetime when invited to entertain American troops in Vietnam. He focuses much of his attention on Clara Martra Etura , a beautiful young woman whose vivacity and spontaneous sense of happiness make her his opposite in almost every way.

Robert is a loner whose world revolves around porn sites and surfing the net. As part of a film study course, Robert accidentally films the deaths of twin sisters, an apparent joint suicide. Nige chucks the dead body in a nearby roadworks hole and runs to Deano for help. Focusing on the retrial of a man sentenced for the murder of three women—all killed following internet dates.

A key piece of evidence was deliberately ignored by the CPS, possibly because the police were under pressure for a quick conviction and blackmail was being used over a senior person involved with the investigation who was having an affair. Here is a dazzling exploration of a unique pop-culture goddess.

How does she do it? Every visual aspect of Madonna is shown including her wildly inventive catalogue of personae that she and her style army have conjured over the years. The result is an absolutely stunning one-woman fashion show that spans nearly half a century. While the book contains a wealth of material and information, it offers few startling insights into the Stones as a group or individually.

This lavish, oversized book of photographs is a fitting tribute to his life and work. Blues Harmonica for Dummies gives you a wealth of content devoted to the blues approach—specific techniques and applications, including bending and making your notes sound richer and fuller with tongue-blocked enhancements; use of amplification to develop a blues sound; blues licks and riffs; constructing a blues harmonica solo; accompanying singers; historical development of blues styles; and important blues players and recordings.

Unlike most of the other series, the details of some techniques, such as fingerpicking, are covered in the chapters on style instead of getting chapters or sections of their own. Best for teens and adults with some musical background, not necessarily with the guitar. Interviews with some of the artists reflecting on their memories of their million sellers and what they remember of the success at the time At a-glance facts and data outlining the songwriters, producers, albums and total sales figures for the million selling track.

With the renowned Britpop band, Oasis, Noel found worldwide acclaim and influenced and musical style of a generation. But what is the truth about the boy from Manchester? It takes you from his dysfunctional upbringing in Manchester to the man we know now.

Peppered with the occasional dirty joke, the book makes for an irreverent, entertaining read. Humble, optimistic, and quick to give credit to those around him for contributing to his success, Nelson is a charming narrator, lurching from subject to subject, but always with a point in mind. The festive season is over, work and school have gone back for another year and its time to put your nose to the grindstone. What better time to take a moment to get inspired and motivated by music!

Here are a few selections to help you on your way to musical enlightenment. In any case, learning about the ins and outs of music lessons is a good place to start. The cantata Saint Nicolas tells the story of the original Santa Claus, a fourth-century saint whose altruistic acts led to his canonization as patron saint of children and sailors.

Based on a new score which has been adapted by Sir Andrew Davis who also here conducts the Scottish Chamber Orchestra this is the most comprehensive recorded version to date. Flashbacks reveal that Isabelle eventually returned his affection, except the course of their relationship did not run smoothly. Margaret is an ensemble drama, the catalyst for which is a bus crash.

Margaret is an involving, intelligent and absorbing piece of cinema, that if anything feels a little bit short. The less he lets slip, the more fascinating the character somehow becomes. An Event in Autumn, the first installment in this third collection, finds Wallander attempting to construct something like a normal life, moving in to a cottage in the country with his girlfriend and her son.

Fate soon comes knocking, however, as a gruesome discovery in his garden leads to the uncovering of a murderous legacy. The complete first season. Caring, intelligent and thoughtful, Martin has tried everything to reach his son. But Jake never speaks, shows little emotion and never allows himself to be touched by anyone, including Martin.

Jake is obsessed with numbers—writing long strings of them in his ever-present notebooks—and with discarded cell phones. Her partner in crime solving is the equally impressive Sasha Alexander as Dr. Henson in the process. The stars of Friends with Kids are Jennifer Westfeldt who also wrote and directed and Adam Scott as Julie and Jason, BFFs who are strictly platonic but decide to have a child together out of mutual need, convenience, and familiarity.

Their married friends have all brought kids into the world with mixed results, and they feel a little left out. Neither wants the burden of marriage and both profess to have no romantic inclination toward the other.. Concurrently with their parenting, each one is also playing the same old dating game that ranges from simple hookups to what looks like true love when Julie meets Kurt Edward Burns and Jason meets Mary Jane Megan Fox.

The complete first only season. Kudrow went for the Anti-Phoebe role after the demise of Friends, demonstrating her spectacular acting chops and range of comic abilities. Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy Stone , and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets.

It features intriguing concepts, impressive special effects, and some disappointingly lackluster acting. When the aliens arrive they simply drop, during a frosty Bonfire Night, out of the shining pepper of the stars.. This official companion book gives fans new ways to enter this fictional world and discover more about the beloved and reviled characters and the electrifying plotlines.

Featuring interviews with key actors and crew members that capture the best scripted and unscripted moments from the first two seasons, as well as a preface by George R. Martin, this special volume, bound in a lavishly debossed padded cover, offers exclusive access to this unprecedented television series. From the wildly imaginative European masterpieces of the silent era to compelling, character-based weekly television series like Twilight Zone, X-Files, and Battlestar Galactica, to the CGI-realized world of Avatar, science fiction film and television has pushed the boundaries of the visually and dramatically fantastic for more than a century.

In a series of bestselling books, Jeremy has revealed it to be a puzzling, frustrating place where all too often the lunatics seem to be running the asylum. But in The Top Gear Years, we get something rather different. The best films: a run down of the finest films of the millenium from Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems. The hottest stars: features on the up and coming actors and actresses who have made a mark. The winning genres: best-in-class features on drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, animation, documentary, superhero movies and all the genre-mash ups in between.

The unsung heroes: the finest talent behind the camera, including directors, cinematographers, set designers and special effects specialists. The Rough Guide to 21st Century Cinema is the essential companion to movies of the moment. Barry Forshaw focuses on the strategies used to address more radical notions than those presented in mainstream product, exploring such themes as the treatment of sex and violence, corporate crime and the maverick criminal. Covering every major — and most minor — British crime films up to and including the twenty-first century, Forshaw contextualises the films within the crime fiction that inspired them.

By the s she had metamorphosed to become a trendsetting sophisticate, achieving unrivalled status as an actress, model, movie star and champion for underprivileged children worldwide. Now, in Audrey: The 60s, he has gathered a spectacular selection of work from her key photographers — much of it digitally restored from original negatives and transparencies — to create a truly breath-taking portfolio of images which pays homage to the most beloved and enduring style icon of the decade that changed everything. Yet her achievements as an actress have often been overshadowed by her beauty and tumultuous life off-screen.

The Chopin album. Early Cage is the subject here, strikingly original songs and piano pieces from the s and s. Songs in which Cage set words by writers whose vision was as independent as his own — James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and e e cummings. Lubimov grasps both the playfulness of the music and its message of freedom.

Volume 1. The disc marks the start of a new project which will result in a series of new recordings exploring a selection of the composer s vast output, and a Choral Pilgrimage tour. Palestrina was born in not far from Rome, in the town whose name he bore and from which we take the cover images for this new series of discs. Possibly the greatest composer of liturgical music of all time, Palestrina was a towering figure in Renaissance polyphony. Choral singers world-wide will know his Missa Papae Marcelli recorded by The Sixteen on COR as, without doubt, it is the most renowned of Palestrina s works and possibly the most famous mass of all time.

On this new disc The Sixteen has recorded some of the sumptuous music he wrote for the Assumption including his Missa Assumpta est Maria and Salve Regina. Without doubt, Palestrina was the great master of all Papal composers and his spiritual craft and harmonic vitality fulfilled the needs of the Vatican. His Motet and Offertory for the Assumption also entitled Assumpta est Maria, are glorious examples of such work and can be heard in all their splendour on this recording.

By his death in , Palestrina had published a huge amount of music including over Masses and over motets. Sacred music predominates, by turns monumentally powerful and tenderly fragile. The album concludes with two beautiful lullabies — Estonian Lullaby and Christmas Lullaby — for female choir and string orchestra. Born in Zwickau, Germany, Schumann began piano instruction at age seven and immediately developed a passion for music.

When a permanent injury to his hand prevented him from pursuing a career as a touring concert pianist, he turned his energies and talents to composing, writing hundreds of works for piano and voice, as well as four symphonies and two ballets. Here acclaimed biographer Martin Geck tells the fascinating story of this multifaceted genius, set in the context of the political and social revolutions of his time.

Geck shows Schumann to be not only a major composer and music critic-he cofounded and wrote articles for the controversial Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik-but also a political activist, the father of eight children, and an addict of mind-altering drugs. Through hard work and determination bordering on the obsessive, Schumann was able to control his demons and channel the tensions that seethed within him into music that mixes the popular and esoteric, resulting in compositions that require the creative engagement of reader and listener.

The more we know about a composer, the more we hear his personality in his music, even if it is above all on the strength of his work that we love and admire him. Dark shadows. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family.

Two decades pass and Barnabas Johnny Depp has the world at his feet-or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy… until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard Eva Green. A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive.

This slapstick comedy plays like the art of awkward: Violet, Tom, their friends, and families all have huge propensities for saying and doing the absolutely worst, most awkward thing in any given situation. Rising chef Tom sacrifices a job he loves in San Francisco, along with the promise of swift promotion, to follow academic Violet to a teaching fellowship in Michigan.

The only job Tom can find there is in a sandwich shop, and the move puts their wedding plans on hold… Eventually, the strain takes a huge toll on their relationships with one another, their friends, coworkers, and families. But one thing is certain, director Nicholas Stoller makes sure that their journey is just as funny as it is sad… Adapted from Amazon. But a funny thing happens when Alaska television reporter Adam Carlson John Krasinski discovers a trio of gray whales trapped in the ice near the small town of Point Barrow. The story reaches the local Inupiat people and millions of Americans, including oil tycoon J.

Kicking off with a knowingly chintzy Internet gag, the story follows a pair of bored clerks Paxton and Pat Healy working at a rickety Victorian inn during its last few days of business. After a boozy psychic Kelly McGillis checks in, however, the once-quaint creaks and moans become terrifyingly tangible… Adapted from Amazon. Suspecting Poe at first, Fields ultimately enlists his help to stop future attacks. In the midst of suspenseful episodes and a few contrived plot turns , Prometheus reaches for Big Answers to Big Questions, in a grand old sci-fi tradition.

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Even if Prometheus has its holes, the sheer size of the thing is exciting to be around. Director Adam Shankman Hairspray has assembled a winning cast to tell the story of an aging rock legend, Stacee Jaxx played with deadpan aplomb by Tom Cruise , against the I-wanna-be-a-star yearnings of a newbie, Sherrie Julianne Hough. Blige Justice, the owner of a strip club , and Alec Baldwin, whose Dennis is a rawk-on club owner and head-banger from way back. Rock of Ages appeals to the rocker in us all. Series one. But this is a show that has a special weapon in its midst, namely Brenda Blethyn.

Blethyn is a terrific actress, and here, in the title role, she gets to play an obsessive murder detective.

Kids & Y.A.

Vera is based on the novels of Ann Cleeves, and in truth, the stories themselves are hardly radical additions to the genre. And working in tandem with Sergeant Joe Ashworth, she battles not only the crime in front of her, but the challenges in her own life. Boasting good quality production values, a strong cast, and cases that hold the attention, Vera is a fine piece of television drama.

But the main reason to watch it? They are both emotionally challenged people. Drawn together through a shared passion for chocolate, Jean-Rene and Angelique fall in love, but neither is able to express how they feel.

What to read next

Sadly, their crippling shyness is driving them apart. But eventually, they manage to overcome their lack of self-confidence, and risk baring their true feelings. Pam Cook vividly brings to life her journey from Australian actress to global superstar, looking at her work in different contexts from film and television to fashion, commercials, philanthropy and the Internet. This absorbing case study unveils a star narrative as compelling as any that appears in her films.

Here, their story is told with beauty, lyricism and great candour by James Fearnley, founding member and accordion player. He brings to life the youthful friendships, the bust-ups, the amazing gigs, the terrible gigs, the fantastic highs and dramatic lows in a hugely compelling, humorous, moving and honest account of life in one of our most treasured and original bands. Explores her turbulent relationship with singer Chris Brown which resulted in a photograph of her battered face making headlines around the globe.

A must-read for fans new and old. Rex as their natural successor. His singles outsold the combined sales of Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

But just when Bolan was at the summit of his success it all went sour. Caps presents in-depth analysis of virtually each one of his scores. This critical biography will satisfy musically experienced readers as well as laypeople. It deserves a place in every film and popular music collection. From the s through the s, black musicians and their promoters used the clubs of the South to spread their music and eventually to sell records.

A great read, well written and insightful. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the seedy history of American popular music. A lesson in love. The result is a unique song cycle — a thematic journey through the highs and lows of love, of young naivety lost and emotional maturity gained. Royal leads us through her own personal choice of song, where her innate sense of drama and her passion for musical storytelling brings a fresh and youthful interpretation of the disc repertoire.

A Lesson in Love contains a mixture of well-known songs as well as some surprising rarities, with a range of song styles and languages to appeal to a broad audience. She has already recorded Sym. In all these early symphonies Young has done well. Perhaps Tristano is one of the first representatives of a new generation of musicians who no longer belong to a specific school.

This generation also takes advantage of the fact that practically the whole repertoire of all music ever recorded is available on the Internet. The most diverse kinds of music stand alongside each other, taken out of their typical context and available in some would say, a more democratic form. Tristano makes use of this, stamping his mark on the world of music and providing a fresh and unique sound, unlike anything that has been heard before.

The follow up to her successful Schubert Sonatas and Bach Suites albums sees Gastinel select the pieces and arrange them for cello. Whilst we can do little to protect the organs of Wellington should we experience a similar tragedy, it seems prudent to make a permanent audio recording of some of our finest instruments.

Library News We have tablets available to borrow! New OverDrive eBooks site launched Vinyl now available for lending! However, even as Sully was being heralded by the public and the media for his unprecedented feat of aviation skill, an investigation was unfolding that threatened to destroy his reputation and his career. Fortysomething and single again, she decides to focus on her job as top news producer and surround herself with old friends and new.

For once, Bridget has everything completely under control.

Full List of 2016 Foreword INDIES Finalists

What could possibly go wrong? Then her love life takes a turn and Bridget meets a dashing American named Jack Dempsey , the suitor who is everything Mr. Darcy is not. Equity is a unique Wall Street drama about women who thrive on competition and ambition to stay equal in the game. Series 3.

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  8. Bringing a killer to book is going to take much more now than simply catching him. Film and television books New books on movies and TV offer a great summer read in a wide variety of topics. Her life was a dramatic roller-coaster of triumphant highs and devastating lows: the suicide of her husband, her feud with Johnny Carson, her estrangement from her daughter, her many plastic surgeries, her ferocious ambition and her massive insecurities. But what was it that made them true stars? Was it looks, talent, drive, personality — or just plain luck?

    What was the first captivating image or unforgettable line that etched them indelibly on our collective memory — and transformed the screen actress of the passing movie credit into the screen goddess of eternal legend? In a sequence of elegant pen-portraits, George Tiffin takes a microscope to the movies and the moments that established 75 female icons of cinema. These penportraits are supplemented by quotes, notes and anecdotes, including script excerpts from key scenes. In it, fashion historian Amber Butchart takes a journey through the last years of cinema style and its influence on the catwalks.

    With beautiful imagery and thoroughly-researched text, she looks at how our most iconic movies have transformed the world of high fashion. Fashion designers have long taken their inspiration from silver screen idols, and continue to do so today. Winkler ; foreword by George Stevens. Their recollections of Dean became lost in fragile back issues of movie magazines and newspapers and in out-of-print books that are extremely hard to find.

    Until now. The Real James Dean is the first book of its kind: a rich collection spanning six decades of writing in which many of the people whose lives were touched by Dean recall their indelible experiences with him in their own words. Books on popular music A lot of intriguing books on popular music have been added to our collection. Just as the music world made its fitful, uncertain transition from analog to digital, Clayton found himself on the front lines of creative upheavals of art production in the twenty-first century globalized world.

    Uproot is a guided tour of this newly-opened cultural space. With humor, insight, and expertise, Clayton offers an unparalleled understanding of music in the digital age. The experience was so exhilarating that Bruce decided to write about it. Over the past seven years, Bruce Springsteen has privately devoted himself to writing the story of his life, bringing to these pages the same honesty, humor, and originality found in his songs.

    This is a book for workers and dreamers, parents and children, lovers and loners, artists, freaks, or anyone who has ever wanted to be baptized in the holy river of rock and roll. Voyages: Orgue de la Philharmonie de Paris. Performed by Olivier Latry. Organ compilations are unique in that they are a recording of a specific instrument installed in a specific space. Piano Trios Op. Performed by Trio Wanderer. The famous Dumky Trio… opens this new recording. Rostropovich Encores.

    Most Popular Vampire Human Love Movies and TV Shows - IMDb

    Performed by Alban Gerhardt and Markus Becker. Symphonies 4, 5, 6 , Tchaikovsky. Narrated by the adult voice of Kim Stanley, a coming-of-age, autobiographical story, seen from the perspective of a young southern girl Scout Badham , the daughter of a widowed Southern lawyer Atticus Finch Peck , whose innocence about racial bigotry and intolerance was changed forever.

    The Lincolnesque, compassionate attorney decides to assume the unpopular stance of defending a black man - Tom Robinson Brock Peters , falsely accused of raping a 'white-trash' woman Mayella Violet Ewell Collin Wilcox. The film compellingly weaves the children's nightmares, personified by the mute, mentally-retarded Boo Radley Robert Duvall in his screen debut with the prejudiced hatred of the bigoted townspeople, led by Mayella's poor redneck father Robert E. Lee Bob Ewell James Anderson. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are in fine form for this gem, mixing romantic comedy, endless dancing, and a superb Irving Berlin score.

    Dancer Jerry Travers Astaire experiences love at first sight and is amorously attentive toward the lovely high-society Dale Tremont Rogers , but she mistakes him for her best friend Madge Hardwick's Broderick husband Horace Horton. Orson Welles' offbeat thriller follows a narcotics agent Charlton Heston out to take down a corrupt old cop Welles. An off-beat, twisted, dark and sweaty, film noirish thriller, with murder, police corruption, kidnapping, betrayal, perversion and more in a squalid Mexican-American border town.

    Opens with a daring, captivating single-take sequence, ending with the explosive, car-bomb murder of an American businessman on the American side of the border. A self-righteous narcotics agent 'Mike' Vargas Heston becomes snarled in the local investigation with a grotesque, police captain Hank Quinlan Welles , ignoring his honeymooning bride Susan Leigh who is meanwhile being terrorized in an out-of-the-way motel by a menacing gang. The experienced, old-time cop Quinlan habitually fabricates evidence to convict the guilty even though his instincts are usually correct and frames a young Mexican for the murder, putting him into conflict with the narcotics detective.

    The corrupt, overweight police captain is finally brought down by Vargas' persistent, perilous efforts with the cooperation of Quinlan's long-time partner Sgt. Pete Menzies Calleia. No Academy Award Nominations. John Huston's adventure stars Humphrey Bogart as one of three gold prospectors undone by their own good fortune. Director and screenwriter John Huston's classic adventure film about three American gold prospectors in the Mexican wilderness - a tale of lustful greed, treachery, paranoia and suspicion.

    The three ill-matched men include an innocent, honest young Curtin Holt , a wise and experienced, fast-talking, grizzly, toothless old-timer Howard Huston, the director's father , and Fred C. Dobbs Bogart , a greedy, deranged, selfish bastard who distrusts everyone. Their gold booty strike and fortune breeds violence, threatening Mexican bandits led by Gold Hat Bedoya , an end to their friendships, and the homicidal undoing of the avaricious Dobbs when he is killed for his boots and mule. Ends with an ironic climactic scene when the wind blows the gold dust away.

    Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Picture. An exquisite, bubbly work by Ernst Lubitsch, this good-natured comedy follows a pair of con artists en route to romance. Another exquisite, sophisticated, sparkling romantic comedy from Lubitsch. The pair of crooks pose as nobility to practice their deceptive occupation among the gullible, upper-class elite of European society from Venice to Paris.

    They scheme to rob a rich, sleek widow Mariette Colet Francis in Paris, posing as her secretary and maid, but romantic complications ensue. By the time the subtle, wry film ends, they realize their romantic and amoral affinity for each other. No Academy Award nominations. Stanley Kubrick's hypnotic, thought-provoking mind bender was revolutionary in and has been a sci-fi staple ever since.

    Kubrick's metaphoric, thought-provoking, grandiose, science-fiction landmark film, with space travel to Jupiter, the mysterious appearance of enigmatic monoliths, and the presence of the film's major protagonist - an omniscient super-computer. A three-act, visionary, visually dazzling, wide-screen masterpiece, with mind-blowing special effects. The first monolith appears to prehistoric ape-men, awakening them to the use of tools as killing weapons.

    Further monoliths on the Moon and floating in space somewhere near Jupiter, seem to coax humankind to make evolutionary leaps and transcend bodily and technological limits. A team of robotic-like astronauts Bowman Dullea and Poole Lockwood , during a voyage to Jupiter to investigate a radio transmission, are terrorized by the arrogant, humanistic, on-board computer HAL voice of Douglas Rain. With the mission aborted and following a psychedelic light-show, Bowman is reborn within an embryonic divine life form that floats in space.

    James Stewart stars as the acrophobic detective at the heart of this tale of obsession also from the Hitchock canon. Arguably Hitchcock's most complex, most analyzed, compelling masterpiece, involving a man's compulsive obsession to exploitatively manipulate and transform a woman to match his fantasy. Vertigo-suffering, acrophobic detective John 'Scottie' Ferguson Stewart trails an old college friend Gavin Elster's Helmore wife as she wanders around San Francisco - a cool, blonde named Madeleine Novak.

    Madeleine's obsession with a tragic ancestor Carlotta Valdez intrigues Scottie, and after saving her from a suicidal jump into the Bay, he falls in love with her.